Digital Real Estate & Media

A new way to do media. A great portfolio of Web Properties and assets.

Conrad Golly is the founder of Bold New Real Estate, a company that was established in 2020 and is located in Sacramento, California.

Bold New Real Estate manages a portfolio of online properties and specializes in acquiring and scaling other online businesses. Additionally, the company invests in other businesses as part of its growth strategy.

Bold New Real Estate’s unique systems and strategies help entrepreneurs and businesses achieve their goals by providing a comprehensive framework for business success.

Bold New Real Estate’s public properties are and These websites represent the company’s commitment to providing quality content and innovative strategies by Conrad Golly.

Some more assets include but not limited to and Conrad’s newsletter Tryapreneur.

At our core, we believe in the power of positive education and its ability to transform lives. With this vision in mind, we have created a range of brands dedicated to providing invaluable knowledge and insights about money and business.

Our mission is to help humanity develop a healthier relationship with these essential aspects of life, fostering empowerment, growth, and financial well-being.