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Conrad Golly is the founder of Bold New Real Estate, a company that was established in 2020 and is located in Sacramento, California.

Bold New Real Estate manages a portfolio of online properties and specializes in acquiring and scaling other online businesses.

Additionally, the company invests in other businesses as part of its growth strategy.

Bold New Real Estate’s unique systems and strategies help entrepreneurs and businesses achieve their goals by providing a comprehensive framework for business success.

Team Up with Real Experts

We have teamed up with the experts to grow your business.

Our Services

More Than 25 Online Business

There is a wide moat of companies that can be leveraged to help partner companies grow.

Discovery & Audits

Book a discovery meeting and we can audit your existing sites.

Content & Creative​

Content is king, and we be more so as AI become more main stream.


To have your business hear, you need to be loud to the right audience. That’s where we come in.

Strategy & Roadmaps

We lay out a actionable strategy and road map. We can train existing teams or build a team.


We share actionable growth strategies for different business and success we are having with clients or the portfolio of businesses we own.

Web Property Portfolio

Bold New Real Estate’s premier properties are and These websites represent the company’s commitment to providing quality content and innovative strategies for financial growth and real estate investment.

Our Public Brands

Many web properties are confidential do to wanting to keep intellectual property safe.

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